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QuickServe is a mobile banking system designed to allows banks and MFIs to be closer to their customers in the most remote corners of Africa and around the world. We have developed this solution with the most recent safety standards to reassure our customers in their business.

This mobile application is able to work with any core banking system and any kind of GSM telephone. You don't need any other specific instalation or any application to your phone. once you have sufficient balance and network signal from your mobile operator, you can get in touch with your bank at anytime

Doing the best for the poorest

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Finally we come up with an available open source microfinancial management system

OPENCBS is the world's easiest financial management software to install, use and customize. Our technology is used by institutions of all sizes: From small startups utilzing our free basic software, to microfinance networks in need of specifically-tailored solutions. OPENCBS's dynamic technology will allow your institution to lower costs while improving service